I am simply a guy who loves to cook, eat and write. 

I'm not an aspiring chef, nor am I am a food snob, or a free-from-fun food blogger. At best I am a cook who is neither pedantic nor fussy, but simply enthusiastic and slightly greedy (I have a voracious appetite). I've always loved cooking, and so I thought I'd share what I cook with you. I take my inspiration from any number of recipe books, blogs and restaurants, but rarely do I follow a recipe precisely. I prefer instead to adapt recipes, play with them, and experiment with new flavours. 

I take equal pleasure in cooking for others as I do I in cooking something wonderfully tasty for myself. The food I cook tends not to be fancy nor is it pretentious, but rather hearty and tasty. I'm a complete sucker for comfort food, and I don't eschew any food types, but I do appreciate good quality ingredients (and the need to eat, drink, exercise and play in moderation etc. etc.).